The 5 C's of Young Life

Contact Work - time that volunteer leaders spend "going where kids are" - for example, football games, the high school, or the mall - in order to meet kids and build relationships.
Club - a weekly outreach meeting that features music, crazy skits and games, and a message about the relevance of Christ's love for them.  It may not sound that exciting, but believe us when we say Young Life knows how to have fun!
Campaigners - the discipling aspect of our ministry, Campaigners is a weekly Bible study groups in which kids meet with their peers and their leader to grow deeper in their faith. 
Committee - a group of adults who support Young Life and volunteer their time to make sure the ministry is healthy.  They pray for the ministry and work on many projects, such as publicity and fundraising.
Camp - Young Life camps are resorts for teenagers.  At Camp, kids get a chance to experience fun and adventure, as well as hear the truth of Jesus Christ in an atmosphere free from the everyday pressures of their normal lives.
and one other C that is a vital component of our work-
Churches - in Young Life, we want to walk alongside kids in their entire faith journey, from before they knew Christ to helping them grow in their faith.  We believe that students must get plugged into a local Church so that they can experience the Body of Christ for a lifetime.

To Find Out More...

Contact Mike Sweeney, the Area Director, to find out more about the 5 C's or if you want to see Young Life in action.  You can even visit a Young Life camp!

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